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Carl Hiaasen Fans' Journal

6th June, 2008. 2:19 pm. Best book(coachgrey)

 I think Sick Puppy is probally the best book yet, though my kids did enjoy Hoot.

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9th March, 2008. 2:21 pm.(f_x_flynn)

carl hiaasen is one of the best comedy writers ive ever read
skink/captain/Governer Tyree is also the best recurring character....ever
my favorite book......tie between skin tight, skinny dip, and Native Tounge
im gonna be a reporter some day....

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9th November, 2006. 7:45 pm.(giraffemoo)

i finally found a carl hiaasen community! i love carl hiaasen's books, i've read almost all of them, and 4 years ago, i even got to meet him!

picture of me with carl hiaasenCollapse )

i was reading on carl's website that skinny dip is probably going to become a movie! that excites me...skinny dip is my favorite book by him, every time i read it it plays in my mind like a movie. i always see chaz played by christopher rich, the guy who plays brock in the tv show reba. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0723621/
in the tv show he exibits some very chaz-like behavior...very funny! and i have always, ALWAYS seen tool as being played by the huge guy who plays robert barone on everybody loves ramond.

anyways, i'm glad to find a carl hiaasen community...but this one is kind of dead. oh well.

Current mood: sleepy.

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24th October, 2005. 1:05 pm. Flush(snazzberry)

I have not seen any mention of Hiaasen's latest book, Flush. Like Hoot, it is for "young adults", and since my 6th graders loved Hoot, I plan on reading this one to them also. I'm stuck indoors all day today because of Hurricane Wilma, and have read almost the entire thing. It's not fantastic, but it is pretty good. I was wondering if anyone else had an opinion on it. Personally, my favorites are still his earlier books.

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20th August, 2005. 12:28 am.(light_of_sound)

Well, although I have only read three of his books...I can surely say that I absolutly LOVE Carl Hiaasen. All of his mismatched plots, defenitly unique sense of humor, but most of all, the seriously messed up characters that he creates (Skink, of course, being one of my favorites). I'm currently just starting Sick Puppy, which ought to be quite the follow-up to my last read of his, Native Tongue. Anyhow, I just thought I'd let everyone know I'm here. Later to all

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18th August, 2005. 4:18 pm. Howdy doody(mirtas)

My first book from Carl Hiaasen was accidentally found...

I was at a book convention on the last day of the show. An exhibitor was throwing books away. He had already ripped the front cover off (so no one could resell the book) so I didn't really know what the book looked like until I read the top sentence "Basket Case"

"Basket Case?" I thought... "hm, sounds intriguing..."

So I picked it out from the floor before the guy trashed it. Months later, I found it in my room while I was cleaning stuff up. I read the first few pages and I was instantly hooked. It was HILARIOUS... and now I'm a huge fan of Hiaasen... especially since I can completely relate to his native Floridian jargon (I'm in FL myself).

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1st August, 2004. 11:30 am.(snazzberry)

Hi everyone. I am new here, but I have been a Carl Hiaasen fan for a long time. I just bought Skinny Dip yesterday, and so far I am loving it. Just wanted to say hi!

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28th July, 2004. 10:06 am.(chartyourway)

Well, who has the new book? I've heard terrific things about it, but I haven't gotten it myself yet.

Current mood: blah.

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6th March, 2004. 8:54 am. New Novel!!(captain_phil)

"Skinny Dip" will be in stores this July!!!!

Current mood: hyper.

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7th February, 2004. 6:36 pm. Why(m_rex)

Anyone have any idea why Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen books and articles are so popular but not very popular on Livejournal. Their communities only have a few members that hardly post. Any ideas?

Current mood: little more than under-excited.

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